His new acquisition

I was planning an evening out with two of the ‘girls’ from a new west London escorts firm who’d been invited to a very swanky club in Soho. I hadn’t even heard of the place, but I was assured that now we were on the guest-list, there would be some interesting characters. The only issue was that I had to wear something festive as part of my attire.

My chosen dress was a burgundy, pleated dress, but I’d shortened the hem last month, so it was mid-thigh. I decided to add a white-fur trim to the bottom and wear sparkling red glitter to my large cleavage and add fur trim to my matching clutch bag. It would look classy, without having to go down the whole festive fancy dress and hat get-up. The best thing of all was the fact I could unpick this afterwards.

Having arrived by taxi, we were allowed inside. The first people I noticed were a group of young women and Candy, my friend, pointed out one had been on a talent show and two she knew were definitely escorts who had recently started out on the London circuit. I had no idea if they were talented or not, and the way they were knocking drinks back, I was hardly expecting any tunes to be coming forth from them.

We headed to a VIP area and sat on a banquette, watching young, pretty couples walk past. I noticed an actor and his wife, all cosied up across the way. We were given a bottle of free Champagne, but that wouldn’t be enough, so we clubbed together and bought another. At £200, it was pricey, but at least it was a good non-vintage make.

I could not believe my eyes when another recently-single actor sauntered by with his friend. He was an all-action hero, and soon, Candy disappeared his way. That left Carla and I, but that was perfectly fine as long as she decided to stay put. We headed to the dance-floor and danced to a few Christmas tunes. I was feeling festive, but was suddenly caught unawares by the burning gaze of my ex-client, Vlad. I could see the blue of his eyes from where I was dancing, so I quickly waved at him. He was sitting with a lingerie model I knew also escorted part time, although she didn’t model for my employer. He smiled, raised a glass and then turned his attention back to his new acquisition.


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