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Why my life as an escort is so addictive

I happen to have the most jealous girlfriend in the world. ‘Never fall in love with an escort’, is what her friends told her. However, the minute we met, she couldn’t help herself and neither could I. She always wanted reassurance that her heart wasn’t in danger and no matter how hard I tried to give her the reassurance she needed, there was always something wrong. Then it hit me. It was the innocence in her that was allowing her to feel the way she felt and to think the way she thought. ‘Would you like to join me on a date?’ I asked, in the middle of a fight. She didn’t think I was serious. She thought I was just mocking her and that my life as one of London’s escorts was something that I’d never allow her to experience. She couldn’t have been more wrong. In fact, I’ve fantasized about having her there with me, getting a taste of the gorgeous men I get to hang out with. ‘Would you really allow me to?’, she asked, her eyes filling with tears. I assured her that the next time I got a call, I wouldn’t leave without her.

Keeping my promises, I informed her as soon as I got a call from Derrick, a guy I’d been seeing for quite some time now. She didn’t know what she was in for. She thought all she would be allowed to do was sit and watch, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Once we entered Derrick’s London apartment, I showed her to the bedroom and told her to wait for a few minutes and I’d be right there. I explained what was going on to Derrick and had him promise to take good care of her and to be patient. We both entered the room to see my wonderful girlfriend sitting nervously on the bed. I moved closer to her, ridding her of her jeans and then her silky white panties. She looked at me as though she didn’t quite understand what was happening, however, once we started to caress each other, she knew there was no turning back. As always, she was one hundred percent captivated. Derrick watched us please each other for a few minutes before joining in. She was the centerpiece and I could tell she was loving each and every minute of it. I’d never heard her moan louder than when Derrick took control and demonstrated why my life as an escort is so delightfully addictive.

About the author:
A Russian language translator by day and a part time London escort by night Katerina doesn’t get as much time to post blogs as she would like to but, when she does they are always a good read.

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