The other side of my sexuality

According to Moira, she’d ditched her hen-pecked husband who, was known to have a fetish for Russian escorts but, I had a felt that there was more to this story than she was letting on. However, she was in the mood to talk, as I kneaded her bare shoulders with my hands, which were covered in diluted essential oils. As soon as I’d finished massaging the tension away from her shoulders and base of her neck, she sighed.

“You have a wondrous touch,” and moved my hands so that I could feel both of her tiny breasts in my hands. I gently pinched her nipples. “Are you happy though?” I enquired, as she savoured my touch.

“I think so. As soon as the divorce comes through, I’ll move to London full time and I think I’ll find a woman. I think I can relate to women better than men.” I said nothing, but continued to touch her breasts. “I think that’s enough of that. I’ve brought my dildo with me, dear, if you don’t mind using it. I like the girth on it and the feel. Use the middle speed, the slow one is too slow and the fast one makes me climax too soon.”

As I took out the dildo, I placed it on the bed and asked Moira if she would like a glass of champagne to mark her new-found freedom. She smiled and nodded, Why not? This is the start of a new chapter for me and I can’t wait to explore the other side of my sexuality with lots of different female escorts London, is surely the best place for that!

I poured out a glass of fizz and handed it to her. Then I raised a toast and wished her all the happiness moving forwards. I had a feeling her husband was probably better off with someone else, and certainly someone less domineering, but it wasn’t my place to say that. As we drank the champagne, I could feel myself relax me even more.

Moira giggled softly as she lay back on the pillows to watch me get down to work. I moved so she could see between my legs and she stretched her hand out to stroke my bottom as I positioned myself for her benefit and switched on her toy. It buzzed away and I took a deep breath and started to pleasure her.



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