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He Glanced At My Cleavage

The next beer arrived. I decided to tell him about the type of clients escorts met with in London. “Would it be helpful if I told you about my typical clients?”

Dan looked at me in surprise. “Well, I guess so. I hadn’t really thought about other clients.”

I smiled. “I’m talking generically. The list includes: lawyers; actors; musicians of different kinds; bankers; plus the odd freelance entrepreneur. Some married, some not. Most are away on business or away from home for another reason, or don’t leave home in one case I have. I scaled down my business around eight months ago, so vacancies are few and far between.”

Dan cleared his throat. “I won’t fit the bill then. I’m single, unemployed, and I’m not away from home. London is my home.”

I was quick to reassure him. “It doesn’t matter what you do. As long as you meet the requirements in my terms and conditions, I don’t mind what you do for a living or not, as the case may be. I’d be happy to have you as a client, for whatever you need.”

Dam smiled. “We can meet for dinner next week, and see how that goes, okay?”

I nodded, but I was curious. A three hour escort booking was quite a long period of time for someone to work out if they liked or wanted to bed me. I finished my wine and waited for him to talk next. The bar was starting to get crowded and the intimacy of the place seemed to diminish by the minute. It was time to go soon.

I noticed Dan had glanced at my cleavage. He could not see much. My blouse was buttoned fairly high up, but he could see the curve of my breasts in this blouse.

I sensed it might be dinner followed by some up close and personal time with him. I found myself wondering what to wear for the dinner; something demure and covered up. I noticed Dan’s designer clothes; this guy was wealthy, but perhaps did not need to work. I was sure I’d find out more soon. We’ll see what transpires.

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