Sexy Russian Girls in Thierry Mugger

As the nights are getting lighter and the weather better, this is what Russian escorts love about London I realised May is my favourite month of the year. Three cold days had passed, but now it was sunny, and with only a couple of days before the start of June, I felt excited. With the summer ahead, and the promise of long, warm evenings out and about, or sitting on our roof terrace with a glass of wine in hand, well, nothing can beat that feeling.

I was meeting with Mike and a couple of his mates for a late dinner. I’d been modelling all day, hadn’t eaten that much, and was ravenously hungry. I was meeting them in China Town at a restaurant I had never visited before. Mike had warned me that the food was spicily hot if I dared to try it.

Rather than dressing up, I wore designer jeans, a pair of Thierry Mugger lace-up flats I’d bought the previous week, and a thin, knitted silk top.

Wearing my hair in a Russian girl style ponytail, I’d scrubbed my face of the heavy make-up from the modelling session, then applying a tinted moisturiser, and a hint of mascara, and headed from the modelling agency with a spring in my step.

It was a busy day and the temperature hovered in the late teens. The walk to China Town would take me around twenty-minutes, but I wanted to be out in the fresh air, after being cooped up in the confines of the studio, with the heat of the staged lights in my face hey, London escorts from Russia we like the feeling of total freedom from restraints of normal life!

Mike’s face lit up as he met me at the main Archway into China Town and explained that two of his theatre colleagues were already there. They were a couple; Joe and Molly a new Ukrainian escort who was hitting the London scene, and he thought we’d all get on.

They were actually very nice, but I had underestimated the heat of the food. The Chengdu dumplings in chilli and garlic were delicious, and I tried the ma po tofu; silken tofu with tasty bits of ground pork, scallion, and spicy Szechuan peppercorns, but the heat almost took my breath away. I tried some of Molly’s Chengdu dan dan noodles and a spicy cucumber salad, which was more my heat level. Her heritage was Chinese and it was nice to talk to someone educated, friendly and full of fun.

We walked to our tube stop afterwards, and I remarked that I probably would not have tried that sort of food if it hadn’t been for Mike. He smiled, and joked that he hoped I’d be all right. He took my hand and led it and I had a feeling everything would be all right.

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