Dating First Time Customers

To: [email protected]
From: [email protected]
Subject: Client

Hello. My name is Michael and I would like to make an appointment with an escort in London. It’s my first time trying this service and I have decided the date — is tomorrow @ 8pm alright? (But of course if you would like to have our meeting, the escort and I, on a different time and day, I’m fine with whenever you’re pleased to schedule it. I will pay for transportation costs of course. My number is at the end of this email. I prefer blondes.

Contact number: 02x xxxx xxxx

Mandy read the email thinking of who would be suitable. First time customers could be skittish, nervous. They needed someone who was good at reading people.

She looked at the schedule to see where Pearl was. The much sought after escort had an appointment tonight so she should be at the hair dresser’s or having her nails done. Picking up the company line, she called Pearl.

“Hallo Mandy, don’t worry I’m know I have a gig at eight no need for the reminder.”

“Good, because I wasn’t calling to remind you. We have a new client. First timer. Wants to go out on a date. Tomorrow night.”

“A date as in dinner or…”

“Dinner I think, though they weren’t specific. I’ll call them back and get details but I wanted to make sure you’re on board first.”

“I’m on board if it’s just dinner. More than that is too much after Fredrick tonight. You know how feisty he gets.”

“Okay then, I’ll get back to you.”

Pearl arrived at the Mr. Cooper’s House and Garden in London’s Mayfair district at eight on the dot. The driver that Michael Louis sent was courteously professional and held the door open for her as she alighted. He dropped her right at the door so she wouldn’t have far to walk in the snow. Pearl smiled at him and nodded and then took a deep breath. As many times as she’d done this, meeting a new client was always nerve wracking.

She stepped up to the maitr’d with a smile.

“Table for Louis?” she asked.

The maitr’d smiled and gestured for her to precede him. He guided her to a group of secluded tables and sat her down at one. Michael was already there and stood up as she arrived.

“Pearl”, he said with a smile, grey eyes shining “I’m so glad you could make it.”

Pearl let out a breath. It was going to be a good night.


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