His kiss was hungry and needy

My heart sank as I remembered the race meeting with James. Russian escorts I generally never perplexed however, I needed to say something about it. “James was a gentleman and left that night. Anna knew about what I did because I told her and it was mainly theatres, restaurants, parties, and the like. Sasha took it to a new level with very discerning agency clients and I left. But now you work with her, doing some of what I did. I hope you are not talking about double standards here.”

Josh looked at me softly and smiled. My heart leapt.

“No, I don’t judge you. I‘m not sure if you’re judging me at all, but tell me something, Emma, I have no idea why you are here. Is it because you want to…you know… try me out?”

I shook my head as I stifled a giggle in amusement. I took out the envelope and passed it to him.

“Before you open it, the cheque is a banker’s cheque and cannot be traced back to me. I was planning to leave it on the bed and go before you even arrived. It was to help you to clear you dad’s debts as our mutual friend told me your reasons for doing this. Don’t be harsh on her, please. She knew how you were struggling and I just know this role partnering for duo’s with Russian escorts isn’t for you.”

I took his glass and poured more wine into both glasses. Josh’s hands shook as he opened the envelope. When he saw the amount, he shook his head. “I can’t accept this. Why?”

It was the make or break moment. I went to Josh, placed the wine glasses on the table and knelt in front of him. “Perhaps, I was starting to fall in love with you too.”

With that, he put the cheque down and put his hand on mine. “In that case, I want to see you properly. I’ll do this for a little longer; I have to, but this will help me hugely. Thank you, I just don’t know what to say or do.”

Suddenly, the emotion and passion seemed to permeate the London air around us. Josh stood up and pulled me up to him. His kiss was hungry and needy, and I just let myself go with the flow. I knew this was right; this man was the one for me. I needed to deal with Vlad separately.

Josh swung me around and started to unzip my dress. After it had fallen to the floor, he pulled off his sweater and picked me up in his arms quite easily. Then, he placed me carefully on the bed. This was making love, and as I watched him undress and then pass me my wine to sip, I knew he wasn’t going to rush this first experience with him. For that, I was thankful.


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