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A Private House for Escort Dates

I walked down my road and realised how much I would miss my flat. I’d had a lucky couple of years here, but escorts in London understand when it’s time for change, change must come. One of the things about being an escort for hire is that you do need your privacy, or else you’d be working purely in hotels, and that always posed questions if you frequented the same hotel to frequently.

Based in West London had its advantages. You got decent clients; their expectations were of quality, and it wasn’t seedy, unlike the Kings Cross area. I didn’t want to move far away from here.

I spoke to the Lettings Administrator who confirmed the landlord would be using my current apartment for family reasons, but he had not contacted me directly until now. I answered the phone and he was apologetic. I needed a landlord reference and he would provide one, free-of-charge. I knew then that the pressure had come from Vlad and it was highly probable that was why Sasha was on the phone regularly. “I might need to leave two weeks early, so I would not expect to pay the rent for that fortnight.”

“Of course, if you find something, next week, we’ll just terminate then. You’ll get the deposit back in cash of course.” I hadn’t forgotten I had eight weeks deposit tied up in the place.

I walked along the tree-lined roads, until I found the apartment the estate agent had recommended. This was a no-through road, which backed onto a high wall, with trees beyond. I knew there was a private house beyond that and there was an air of privacy here. A two-year lease would be enough if we could fix the price. I could still work from here for a couple of afternoons/evenings per week, but I would need to rejig the hotels I also used, as I couldn’t work from home when Josh was around.

I think I have the situation resolved!


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