Spank Me Until I Say Stop

I’ve thrown myself into a routine to keep my head clear. My seamstress who helps me out before Christmas is now working for me for two days a week and my other helper for two days, plus a few hours at the weekend. That frees up some time for me to keep all of my London clients happy and not booking other escorts. I’m doing all of the soft furnishing appointments, design work and cutting out whilst they do the sewing and finishing. It’s working well.

My other clients number in the teens after a bit of a slow summer. Now that Josh is out of my life, I’m focussing on keeping the more lucrative longer sessions, and overnighters. I need to keep myself on track. I want to buy my own apartment in West London bought within the next eighteen months – two thirds from savings and the sale of the rental unit, and the rest mortgaged.

I calculated a few things as I walked to the tube. I wore business attire as I was heading into a business meeting; well that was how it was classed. I was to be the dominant escort for a whole hour.

I reached my destination, only two stops away – a period conversion into offices and headed inside. There was my client, waiting for me. He shook my hand and asked me to sit down. Official-looking but obviously with a kink he wanted to express, I sat down, leaving my suspender on show, with just a centimetre of white skin showing.

This did not go amiss. My client licked his lips and felt around under is collar. “When I shout you, can you come in please?”

A few minutes later, I walked in to find my client’s bare bottom over the desk and he was naked except for a suspender belts, stockings and high heels. “Spank me until I tell you to stop and feel free to touch me wherever you choose.”

This was going to be interesting. “How do you want me?” His muffled reply was short. “Expose your breasts and hitch up your skirt, but don’t take any clothes off please.” I looked at his heels – a good choice and a designer make too.

“So, how naughty have you been today,” I asked, as I pinched the pale skin and then stroked his bottom carefully. I kept my voice tight and clipped as though I was annoyed and he murmured his approval.


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