Busty Escorts and Clients with Everything

In the bar after the event, Sebastian ordered the drinks and I stood next to him, trying to see if there were any tables. He had a thing for girls with ample bosoms I could feel his eyes on mine! I spied two stools and mentioned I was heading over in that direction.

Once seated, side by side, Sebastian thanked me for my help. “I think you did a fabulous job, thank you. You have a sharp wit that didn’t go unnoticed. How did you find it?”

I smiled, “I go to lots of events, and so social confidence is not an issue. I explained, when asked, we met at a party. I’m assuming that was the right thing to say.”

Sebastian looked at me with those green eyes and I smiled, but looked away. “You said you wanted a well proportioned busty escort for many reasons. Can I ask you why?”

After taking a long slow sip of his Jack Daniels and coke, he replied. “I guess it is because I meet women who latch onto me. I’ve had a few strange experiences, including a stalker, so I think it is better to keep a distance, at the moment.”

He wasn’t telling me everything. “You seem to have everything. A lovely home, a great job, friends, good clients, and active lifestyle, so why am I picking up on sadness? You don’t have to tell me, but I do sense things.”

Sebastian took my hand and kissed the back of it. “You have everything too, yet you choose this lifestyle. I’m not judging you, but you are everything I would want in a girlfriend if I was available.”

The penny dropped. He was involved with someone. I sipped my wine. It was a good quality wine too, and I put my hand on his. “Sorry, I am not prying. I appreciate you helping me. Marcus, the developer, is putting me in touch with another developer too. I could be in for a lucky break.”

Even though we talked some more, I had a feeling he was holding back. I finished my wine and grabbed my bag. “I’ll hail a cab from here, so perhaps I’ll catch up again.” I got up and Sebastian drained his drink. “I’ll get you the cab; I’m a gentleman. You are not walking out alone.”

We left and looked at each other for a few seconds. A cab came and he hugged me, much as before, but I had a feeling that would be our last meeting. A good client and I’d spoilt it – I could have kicked myself.


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