Stroking Along The Bare Skin

“Come on, don’t be a wimp,” Rachel taunted as she pushed the shot glass across the table. Sandra wrinkled her nose and looked down at it as it moved across the pristine wood of the table, appearing very skeptical. They had been at this for the better part of an hour, and Sandra was already quite tipsy. Rachel had been pouring drinks down her throat since they settled in the spacious hotel room earlier, and while she being an experienced member of the escorts in London fraternity she, herself had a high tolerance, it seemed that Sandra did not.

It was always fun getting clients drunk. They opened quite a bit more about why they were even hiring Rachel in the first place.

“If this is more of that tequila you gave me, I don’t want it,” Sandra said, attempting to push the shot glass away from her. Rachel reached across to block the movement, giving her a stern look.

“You said anything I wanted tonight,” Rachel said. “I want to do shots. Now take it. We can have a little more escort and client fun soon.”

Sandra let out a sigh, but picked up the shot glass. A smirk crossed Rachel’s lips as the woman tossed it back, then coughed a bit in protest as the sharp tequila burned down her throat. “That’s just bloody disgusting,” Sandra muttered, wiping her lips with the back of her hand. Rachel laughed.

“It’s some of the finest tequila England has, only escorts in London know where to get this stuff ” she pointed out, then picked up the bottle to pour herself a shot of it. Fair was fair – she had at least been matching every shot she talked Sandra into taking. She may have had a high tolerance, but she was starting to feel the slow buzz of warmth and amusement. It slowly increased as she took the sharp tequila into her mouth and swallowed it into her stream.

“You know,” Sandra said, standing from her seat with a lack of grace that made Rachel laugh again. Sandra made her way around the table, dragging her chair across the carpet and settling it next to Rachel’s. The escort wanted to be put off by how Sandra fell into the chair, no regard for the way she carried herself, but it had been Rachel’s fault. And Sandra was one of her favorites to spend time with…for more than one reason.

“I know what?” Rachel asked when Sandra propped her elbow on the table and rested her chin in her hand, just staring at her. Sandra smirked, her free hand reaching out to settle on Rachel’s thigh; thumb stroking along the bare skin just below the hem of her dress. Rachel merely snorted. “If that’s your way of getting me into bed, you’re doing it wrong,” she murmured, leaning forward so her face was closer to Sandra’s. “You should work on your drunken seduction skills.”

“You talk too much,” Sandra stated, though it was more of a slur than anything. Her hand had inched higher on Rachel’s thigh, moving the dress to expose her skin. Rachel knew the cue when it was given to her – they had intoxicated themselves enough for the night. Taking Sandra’s hand from her thigh, Rachel stood, pulling the woman with her and towards the bed.

It would certainly be an interesting night.


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