Two Busty Escorts and The Sultan

“Rhonda! Excellent. You’re here. You need to pack your bags. The sultan wants the best of our busty escorts in Dubai ASAP and that means you.” Carol the company receptionist said to her as soon as she stepped in the office.

“What? I just got back from Paris like five minutes ago. I still have glitter in my hair from the Circ du Soleil!”

“Well you have exactly three hours to wash it off and get yourself to Heathrow. He sent a plane.”

Rhonda turned around to hurry out but then she stopped short of the doorway and turned to look at Carol, “Is it just me or…?”

Carol smirked, “You know the sultan. He likes things in twos.”

“Yeah. So who else is on the plane with me?”

Your busty partner in crime “Aileen”, Carol said shuffling some papers on the desk.

“Excellent”, Rhonda murmured as she continued her flight from the office. She needed to get her hair washed which meant an emergency appointment with Alfredo – thank God for company credit cards – and after that she was good to go. Her emergency bag was always packed, waiting for these kinds of escort assignments. It had everything she might need, and anything else? The sultan would provide.

Eight hours after getting on the plane, she and Aileen were disembarking from the plane in Dubai, and were promptly whisked into the air conditioned luxury of the limousine waiting for them on the tarmac. It drove them straight to the Dubai Marina Yacht Club where they could see that they were late for the party currently taking place on the Sultan’s boat.

They stepped on board as the sultan turned around and saw them…

“Rhonda! Aileen! How good of you to join us”, he said coming over to help them on board.

“Thank you sultan”, they replied almost in unison. The sultan led them to an alcove where he seated them, facing the crowd in their bikinis, drinks in hand. The sultan liked to use girls like pieces of art, on display for everyone to see. Occasionally, he liked the girls to make out with each other. Touch each other’s breasts. Meanwhile he plied them with champagne and caviar so they were good and malleable.

Rhonda ran her hands over Aileen’s legs. She and the other girl were practiced at this; the sultan seemed to like their seeming contrasts; Rhonda’s blonde against Aileen’s brunette. They leaned forward to kiss each other.

“Mmmm. Beautiful busty escorts”, the sultan murmured from not too far away.


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