Russian Girls in The Escort World

The tension was palpable, and I guessed that the anticipation was very much a major part of the encounter for David. Having the best Russian escorts around him was probably a formality for him as a high-flying businessman, he oozed power and wealth. Unlike my other clients, he did not disclose anything about his background, other than he was wealthy, he lived in London’s Barbican area, and he liked uncomplicated sex, but on his terms. I sensed an air of vulnerability, as if something had hurt him in the past, but my role was clearly not one of anything but to deal with satisfying his most basic of needs.

David sat opposite me at the Michelin-starred restaurant. I wore a smart Reiss blue lace dress, cream and blue scarf, beige wool jacket, nude heels and a blue bag by Ted Baker to compliment my look. As we ate and chatted about art and antiques, he looked at me almost affectionately and completely changed the subject. “You are very beautiful, but you have an air of fragility about you too something that is not common with Russian girls in the escort world.”

I explained that was what I thought about him. He had an air of vulnerability. He looked up sharply and sat back in his chair, shoving his square, ‘hardly-there’ spectacles further up his nose. He leant over to play with my fingers, caressing them carefully, knowing how this was affecting me. My cheeks coloured, but his caress moved to the inside of my palm and he asked me various questions about what I would do for him.

I replied cautiously. “When you plan ahead too much, it spoils the spontaneity of the encounter. Sometimes, it is better to use your intuition and let it just happen.”

David nodded. “I guess you’ll know more than I. I’ve had three partners to date in my life, plus a handful of encounters, should I say.”

I hid my surprise well. He must have been in his late thirties, with no grey hair yet, a smart suit and a nice muscular frame under his clothes. I wanted to see what he looked like naked, and how he would feel as he entered me. I felt a frisson when I thought about him like that.

David paid the bill and we headed the hundred metres or so back to his hotel. He looked at me as he let me go first. As we entered the lobby, he whispered in my ear, “I guess it’s time to find out a few secrets, Bonita.”


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