I’m one of the agency’s best escorts

I love to read. Especially when I’m working nights, manning the phones at my escort agency’s London office. A good book has the potential to get me so wrapped up in the story that I’m unaware that its reality isn’t my own. What I also love is a good man. Combine the two and we’ve got one happy Celine.

 A past client of mine, was just as much of a bookworm as I am and introduced me to a new genre that I’d never considered before. After all, I’m one of the agency’s best escorts who is adored by many, and as a result, I never thought that a book could give me that feeling that men usually do. In addition to this, men don’t read erotic novels and so I was reluctant to open the book that Xavier handed to me. It sat on my shelf for days, and then weeks, until one day, I spotted it. A silhouette of a sexy brunette who looked somewhat similar to me was on the cover. My interest in the novel was piqued. In my lace panties and perky breasts not trapped behind a bra, I snuggled up in my blanket and ventured into the novel.

As I read word after word, I fell deeper and deeper into the book. I was her and she was me and all these things she was going through had my body feeling sensitive. The way she spoke of being touched and the way it made her feel was what I experienced as my eyes went from one line to the next. But that wasn’t all there was to it. There was a reason Xavier handed me this book. As the story unfolded, I realized that he and I had found ourselves in a similar situation. In fact, the way this storybook beauty met the man of her dreams, was the same way that Xavier and I had met. That thing Xavier does with his tongue was the same thing that my storybook beauty was experiencing. And as if I wasn’t already invested in the story before, my hands started to wander and take charge, doing the things to me that were written on the pages in front of me. I couldn’t resist. The combination of the girl on the cover filling out her enticing underwear, the story being so close to my reality and the way the author outlined every detail meant that there was no restraining myself. So rather than heading out in London with my escort girlfriends from the agency, I spent the night tucked away with my book and thoroughly enjoyed each minute that we spent together.

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