Secret partner

I don’t think there’s anyone in the world who loves the holidays just as much as I do. Though my family is still in Brazil and so the holidays aren’t as compact as they used to be, the friends I’ve made in London make a great replacement. They know just how to share in on my excitement for the chilliness of the season. They know just how to keep the fire burning in the best ways possible. Whether I’m hanging out with some of the girls from the escort agency, or spending time with the amazing men of the city, you can guarantee that fun is what’s being had.

Outside of sipping hot chocolate by the fire and spending way too much money on gifts, I get to partake in an abundance of extracurricular activities that never leave me wanting for more. I get to enjoy the best of both the men in my life. I’m what my friends like to call a ‘sexual butterfly’ and you can guarantee that I live up to this title. Always looking for new ways to please and breaking boundaries, I know just how to ensure that my partners feel complete and are left satisfied at the end of our encounters.

Last year, rather than playing secret Santa, my friends and I decided to play secret partner. Before then, I could have never imagined that such a silly game would result in such a great deal of fun. We’d placed names in a hat, scrambled them around, closed our eyes and picked a name. I ended up getting a guy who I’d always been attracted to but had never had the chance to please. I was overly excited planning all the things I wanted to do to him. I picked out my sexiest lingerie, a few toys and came prepared with all the energy I needed to last all night. Once it was time to show him why I’d been called ‘the best escort in the city’, I ensured that there wasn’t nothing he wanted done to his body that I didn’t do. In return, he allowed me to enjoy a night filled with an equal amount of pleasure. I could not have been happier with my selection. I look forward to playing secret partner again this holiday season in the capital and I’ve already come up with lots of way to bring satisfaction to a whole new level.

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