Social Work For Escorts in London

Lucetta isn’t in the habit of taking strange clients. Her roster is overflowing already and she is content escorts like her are always in demand. Which is why when Candy slaps a file down onto her desk, she merely raises an eyebrow. Candy just smiles cheekily back.

“And what exactly is this?” Lucetta asks, not touching the file in front of her.

“This is a referral from Alysha Cortese,” Candy says, smirking as if she knew that that would capture Lucetta’s attention.

Alysha Cortese, the Cortese half of Cortese and Peak Attorneys, had been instrumental in setting up Blue Butterfly Escorts in London. Never, in the five years since they’d started their agency, has Alysha sent anyone their way.

Intrigued, and annoyed at herself for being intrigued, Lucetta pulls the file to her and flips it open. Inside is a candid picture of a smiling man with dark salt and pepper hair and a bushy beard. Moles litter his pale skin and his bright brown eyes shine with amusement. And damn it, Candy knows that this guy is exactly her type.

“And why, exactly, is Ms. Cortese sending Mr. Harris our way?” Lucetta asks, glancing at the file for the man’s information. Andrew Harris, forty-four years old, 5’9”, etc.

“Not our way, your way,” Candy says. “Apparently they’re good friends. Harris has had sexual dysfunction issues in the past, and now that they’re more or less sorted out, Alysha wants him to have a sexual experience that ends in an orgasm instead of humiliation.”

“And Alysha requested me specifically?” Lucetta asks, still flipping through the papers in front of her, wincing when she reads some of his history: prostate cancer leading to erectile dysfunction…

“Yeah. Well, you or Marcia, but she said she’d prefer you,” Candy says. “She said she wants the best for Andrew.”

“Appealing to my ego, very like Alysha,” Lucetta says with a snort. But also unnecessary. As soon as she’d seen his picture, she’d known she was going to take him on.

“Have Trini set up the appointment.”

Candy smiles like she’s won something, but honestly, Lucetta feels like she’s the one that’s coming out on top in this deal.

A private plane is sent for her as Mr. Harris is currently recuperating in Switzerland. Also a complete wardrobe suitable for skiing, spending days lounging in front of a fire and tempting Andrew to ravish her.

Lucetta sits back as the air hostess brings her a glass of champagne and some caviar.

“Is there anything else I can get you ma’am?” she asks.

“No thank you. I have everything I need.”


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