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Playing Spot the Hottie

There are many reasons why London is just about the only city I’d ever live in. I’ve got this great apartment that overlooks the city, with a balcony where I can just perch and admire the many faces that stroll past. In the summer, the cafes put out their chairs and the patrons sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or two. My favorite game to play when my girlfriend comes over is ‘spot the hottie.’ It might sound odd  but it really is an immense amount of fun. We’ll sit out on the balcony, loose skirts with no panties and take turns picking out the hottest guy sipping on a latte. When I’m working as an escort, the guys choose me, so this game is great as it reverses the roles and I’m the one picking the guy.

When it’s my turn to pick a guy, I usually go for a red head. If he’s got glasses on then I’m already as wet as can be. I’ll lay on my back while my girlfriend slowly removes my skirt with her teeth. She’ll pick a name for my hottie, take peeks at him and describe him to me, with each word, her finger slips deeper and deeper into my vagina. She’ll add another finger as I moan, and another when I groan and when I’m about to cum, she’ll pull her fingers out, leaving me wanting more. If I ask nicely, she’ll caress my clit with her tongue, flicking back and forth and back and forth. I usually pull her up to get a taste and when our lips meet I get a flutter in my stomach and just have to take charge. I’ll flip her over so that I’m on top, rip her shirt off and nibble tenderly at her nipples while I shove three fingers firmly into her. She’ll return the favor, fingering me deep and hard, her entire hand dripping with wetness, my body will start to tense and I’ll cum long and hard, my vagina contracting and grasping her fingers tightly and then she too will cum and I’ll slip my thumb up to her clit and rub it gently while stroking her. I like looking deep into her eyes as she curls around in ecstasy, finally collapsing with one last groan. When we’re through, we’ll sit up to see if ‘hottie’ is still there, and then it’s her turn to pick someone out.

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