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My love of being naked

Working in the escorts industry is quite a bit of fun. Not only have I had some of the best sexual partners, but I also get flourished with gifts on a daily basis. At 22 years old my sex drive is always at its peak and because of my job, I get to fulfill my needs regularly. I do, however, love spending some time alone, but one thing that never changes is my love of being naked. Whether I’m in the kitchen making dinner, lounging on the couch watching television, or heading to bed, ninety percent of the time, I won’t have a single article of clothing on. And when I spot one of my many sex toys, there’s nothing holding me back.

I’m pretty flexible, which perhaps comes from the fact that I did ballet for numerous years. This one quality makes experimenting with myself exceptionally fun. I get to contort my body, put my legs around my neck and stuff my pussy with a big juicy dildo while rubbing my vibrator enticingly against my clit. I’ll stop myself right before I cum, put my fingers in and get them nice and wet. I love the way that my pussy feels when it’s wet and warm. The bigger the dildo, the more it burns, and everyone knows that a little bit of pain can make a great fuck just that much better. Once my need to climax has died down a little, I’ll put my vibrator on full, feed my pussy good with my dildo, and allow my orgasm to flood the room. The way that everything builds up is intense and because I’m a screamer, I’m sure my neighbors are quite aware of what’s going on in my apartment. I get looks from the guy down the hall, as he makes his way down the elevator and into the streets of London, and I know he’s just working up the courage to ask for an invitation. Having my legs wrapped around my neck is one of the most vulnerable poses, and something that I love showing off to my clients and having them fill my pussy with the warmth of their manhood. Some of them, however, like to watch me in action first, as they love to see how hot I can make myself. It turns them on so much and once they’re ready to take me, their penis is rock hard and every vein is rushing with blood, waiting for my vagina to bring it over that hump and into ecstasy.

About the author:
Monica lives in Chelsea, she recently became a London escort and currently accepts appointments via

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