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The sound of his wife in ecstasy

While on vacation in the South of France I met this couple, a slender woman with almond eyes  and a man who almost looked as though he should be wearing a suit on the beach, perfectly combed hair, glasses tucked neatly atop his nose. Somehow we got to talking and they asked innocently what it is I do for a living. I told them that I was an escort working with an agency in London and they both laughed, shyly. I could tell that they were uncertain if I was telling the truth or not. However, one thing led to another and I kept explaining to them what it is that I do on a daily basis. At first I could tell they were a bit confused as both your eyes widened and then this confusion led to intrigue.

A few hours later, the three of us sat in my hotel room sharing a bottle of wine as they filled me with more and more questions about my occupation. I told them that I could just show them what it is that I do rather than telling them. The man turned to his wife waiting for approval, she nodded with the cheekiest smile and I smiled back. I put the music on and walked over to the woman, bent down and motioned for her to unravel my bikini top. I got up and continued to tease them both as they I untied my bikini bottoms. They were captivated their eyes never looked away from me. Out of nowhere the wife started to unravel the strings of her own swimwear, almost causing her husband’s jaw to drop. She laid on the bed and motioned for me to come over which I happily did. Her husband pulled his chair closer to get a better look at us and I watched as he grew almost bursting through his swim shorts. I fondled his wife delicately and she groaned with each finger that entered her. The sound of his wife in ecstasy made it impossible for him to stay away and within a few minutes he joined us on the bed and pounded us both, me and then her, me and then her. My climax followed seconds after hers and then he proceeded to share his juices with our faces. They said they’d never engaged in such activities before, but this time definitely wouldn’t be their last. Now, every time they’re in London on vacation, I’m the first person they call.

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