London guys always paint my face

I love living in London because there are so many girls here like me. They’re crazy, they love an adventure, and they never hesitate to join me for some great sex, no matter what time it is. I work part time as an escort, and so I can pretty much get my fill whenever I want, but at times, I like being the one doing the calling. I like being the one to instigate things. Sometimes I’m a really naughty girl. I like to do things to my boyfriend to get him heated, like bringing my girlfriends over without his permission, late at night, when he’s fast asleep in bed. We’ll wake him up with kisses, running up and down his legs, until we’re close enough to his scrotum to tease it with our tongues. He’ll moan and grunt, thinking it’s just a dream, until he’s flipped on his back rapidly.

This one particular night me and my girlfriend Simona who has been contemplating joining an escorts agency to earn some extra cash, decided to take things to the next level. We handcuffed his hands and I tied his legs up real good and wide apart. Needless to say, he woke up shocked. “What on earth are you doing?” he asked. We didn’t answer, instead, we proceeded to rip each other’s clothes off and give him a show he couldn’t forget. His cock hardened as we licked each other’s wet pussies. My girlfriend sat on his face and I positioned myself comfortably on his long, hard cock, riding him faster and faster. He moaned into her vagina and she moaned right along with him. She then joined me to tend to his penis. I got off so she could caress his testicles, while I moistened his erect, pulsing penis with my mouth. It tasted so great, having been covered with the sweetness of my vaginal juices. My girlfriend switched positions, running her firm tongue down the length of my pussy while I took his penis into my hand and then my mouth, massaging and sucking at the same time. His body tensed, his head cocked back and just when he was about to cum, I pulled his penis out of my mouth, allowing him to paint my face with his load.

That night was such a rush, my girlfriend had so much fun that a couple weeks later she insisted that she joined us again. However, this time, I took her to my job. As an escort, it’s always nice to switch things up for my regulars, and what better way to do it, than giving them the sweetness of two wet pussies?

About the author:
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