NSA hook up in a London off license

After my break up with a boyfriend who wanted me to leave the escorts business and relocate outside of London I was feeling more down than I had ever felt in my entire life. And like most girls, a bottle of wine became my best friend. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I made routine trips to the local off license to drown my sorrows in a nice, expensive bottle of Chardonnay. But this night, it wasn’t like most nights. The minute that I walked into the store, I spotted something I knew would get me out of the terrible mood I was in. Except this time, that thing that I spotted wasn’t on the shelf, it was walking down the aisle, coming straight towards me.

Over 6 feet tall, blonde hair and baby blue eyes, I knew I just had to have him. I knew that with him in my bed, there was no need for that bottle of wine. So I approached him, with all the confidence I could muster up and invited him back to my place. Of course he didn’t resist, how could he? We got into my car, leaving his car behind and he asked me what a pretty girl like me was doing all alone on a weekend in London. I told him about my recent breakup and he told me about his recent divorce, I didn’t mention the reason for my break up was my career as an escort however we already had something in common.

I pulled up in the parking lot to my apartment and was about to reach for the door when he grabbed my hand. “Are you up for something adventurous?” he asked. “I’m an escort,” I replied, “I’ve got more adventure in me than you could ever imagine. This seemed to turn him on a lot because I saw his eyes light up. “Strip,” he demanded, and I did as I was told. We crawled over to the back seat, and he asked me to play with myself while he watched me. Again, I did as I was told. He then whipped his delicious cock out and stroked it over my clit, and then shoved it into my gaping pussy. He licked his fingers and slowly entered them into my tight ass. The windows grew foggier as we breathed over hard as the intensity rose, and when he was almost done, I pulled him out, put him in my mouth and allowed him to release his warmth down my throat. And that night two years ago in the backseat of my car parked at rear of my London apartment, was just the beginning of our adventures.

About the author:
Katherina is a lingerie model and a part-time London escort. She lives and works in London.

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