The hottest escorts out on the pull

A London bar isn’t only a man’s paradise. It’s also an escorts paradise. They have it skewed if they think that men go there to pick up girls because it’s definitely the other way around. I know this for a fact, because I’m one woman who heads out to only the classiest bars in all of London to scope out a night of potential. There’s nothing more traumatizing than sitting in my room hornier than ever and without a big, thick cock to fill me up.

In my sexiest pair of heels, a skirt that will give the men a good taste of what they should be having, I strut my stuff through the west end of London and perch my perfect behind on a stool that will give me a good view of all the wonderful candidates for a night of steaming hot sex with one of the horniest escorts out on the pull.

One night, it seemed as though I’d taken the wrong spot because I was too busy looking around the room to see who would be accompanying me back to my sweet, sweet bedroom, to realize that Mr. Perfection was sitting right beside me. It was only when the waiter tapped my shoulder that I turned around to see his green eyes staring at me. I took my drink without losing his gaze, smiled in that seductive way that I’m known for and of course, he smiled back. I’m an escort one of London’s finest, so you would think that I’m good in these kinds of situations. But this one night, I was totally taken off guard. He had already made up his mind that he wanted me and I knew that I wanted him to, I just wanted to be in charge of the whole situation. So I invited him back to my apartment, but rather than saying yes, he invited me back to his. He told me he had a car waiting outside, and that we could leave the second I said yes. I wanted to be in charge, it wasn’t really fair that he was taking all that away from me. And, you know what, I wouldn’t let him. As soon as I got into his car, I made sure that the party started. He didn’t have time to make a come back, because before he knew it, I was on top rocking his world and giving his cock a taste of sex like he’d never had before. I rode his cock long and hard as his driver rode us home.

About the author:
Born in Italy, Karina is a published model and works as a London escort.

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