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Rain in London means sex for escorts

Living in London one of the perks of the job for us escorts is being able to afford a flat with a garden, you can get to take in all the seasons, good and bad in the most enjoyable way right from your backyard. I was never the outdoorsy kind of girl growing up and I can’t really say that I am today, unless I’m at the beach getting to admire all the sexy women and men who strut their stuff across the sand.

When I decided on getting a home in London that had a garden, it wasn’t really the garden that excited me, it was the fact that the place itself just oozed of sex haven. Everything about it made for a great place to have sex. When my ex boyfriend, however, came over to keep me company on a rainy day, he gave my garden a whole new meaning, and thus, I learned just what its purpose in life really was.

It was pouring outside, just as it does way too often in London typical sods law for escorts when it’s our day off, the day was bleak and dark and I couldn’t think of anything better than getting some excitement through having my vagina pounded sore. Being the clever little sex pal my ex boyfriend is, he dragged me outside, kicking and screaming in the pouring rain. He threw me on the grass, and didn’t pause to climb on top of me. My bare back and my bare ass rubbed against the slippery wet grass as he extended himself into me, pushing his cock deeper and deeper, provoking an orgasm from my g-spot with each stroke. The rain made everything wetter and smoother and the only friction that was felt, was the tightness of my vagina protesting against his cock; a false protest because it wanted nothing more than him to fill it right up, which he did so well. I moaned and groaned in acceptance. The rain poured down on us with envy. When he came on my chest, the rain carefully washed its stickiness away, and we started all over again.

Now, whenever it rains in London, my vagina has a reason to juice itself up because it knows that I’m just seconds away from calling my ex boyfriend to take care of his duties. Who would have thought that a boy as innocent as him would be able to teach an experienced escort like me new things? I definitely did not see it happening, but I cannot say I’m not glad it did.

About the author:
Amira is lingerie model and London escort

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