Cold nights in London and escorts who deep throat

Promises are meant to be kept. So when I promised Martin that I would show him the time of his life when he returned to London, unlike some of the escorts I know, I had all intentions of keeping it. He was a friend that I’d had for quite some time now.

We were always flirty with each other but had never taken things to a higher level. The main reason for this is that he was in a relationship with another escort at my agency when we’d first met each other, and though he and his girlfriend had parted ways a few months back, we just never had the opportunity to share each other’s company in the way we both wanted to. It was after a party one night, not too long after his break up that we spoke about exploring each other’s bodies. He told me he’d never had a proper deep throat blow job. I couldn’t believe this, his previous girlfriend was an escort but apparently she wasn’t really into sex with her partner! So I was ready to put my skills to use and show him what he’d been missing out on. He sounded as though his cock had been deprived of all the things that it deserved and this broke my heart. I invited him over for a night of exploration to which he happily agreed. No one has ever said no to my bouncy tits and Martin has been saying yes even before the question was proposed to him on that wonderfully cold night in London but, now things were ready to be taken to that next level that real escorts do so well.

He entered my apartment to see that I was wearing absolutely nothing. It was just me in my skin. My vagina soaked as I saw the bulge in his pants. However, it would have to wait, because I had other business I needed to tend to. Once his pants were undone, my mouth was begging me to put him in and slide him to the back of my throat. I sucked like my life depended on it. His cock was just as juicy and as tasty as I had hoped. I just couldn’t get enough, not when I felt each vein rush with blood as I stimulated him. As expected, between my lips, he couldn’t help himself. He was building up, stronger and stronger to the great finish which I proudly brought him to accomplish. Never again will Martin say he hasn’t received a proper deep throat blow job because that night was proof that my lips are just what he needed to get his juices flowing.

About the author:
Hungarian born Simona lives in London and works as an escort

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