The London traffic couldn’t deter the sweetest orgasm

‘I want it so badly’ he said as I teased him. When Jerry made the booking with my escorts agency he had asked for a busty girl who could give him a strip show so that’s exactly what he was getting, at least in the beginning. After two long hours stuck in London traffic driving to his apartment I wanted to see how hard he could get and how much he would beg to have me, but I didn’t know he would start so soon. As soon as my top came off, he was already ready to get things going. I told him that patience was necessary. My top followed by my bra and then my underwear and his mouth was watering, he wanted to get a taste but he knew he had to wait. He promised me that he would try to contain himself. Seeing how needy he was made me want to tease him even more. He was lying on the bed with his cock in his hand, not wanting to stroke it because he knew that he’d cum faster than he could imagine and it just wouldn’t be quite as enjoyable as having my pussy take care of it.

‘Just let me touch it,’ he begged as I spread my legs across the arms of the sofa and slid my fingers up and down over my slit. It felt so good, but not as good as he would feel. Soon I realized that I wasn’t able to keep up my end of the deal. I told him about patience, but the more I touched myself, the more my fingers made their way over my clitoris and deep into my vagina, the more I wanted him to fill me up. One look at him and he knew I was ready for him. ‘Just a taste,’ I said, and he buried his face into my vagina and ate his way to the sweetest orgasm I’d ever experienced. As I was coming down from my climax, he shoved the extent of his cock deep into my vagina and pushed me over the edge again into another sweet orgasm, spiraling higher and higher. My body was so sensitive to his touch and I loved it as he held my legs wide apart and forcefully took all of me on that couch. I sunk my nails into his back as his eyes closed and he bit his lips as his body reached his own final destination. My pussy curled around his manhood and I climaxed right along with him.

About the author:
Currently working in London as an escort 19 year old Evelina enjoys blogging and portrait painting.

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