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Even escorts from the agency can be overwhelmed

I would never have guessed how an agency escort with years of experience in London could become so shy by the overwhelming presence of a handsome man. When I saw him it felt so right that there was absolutely no way it could be wrong. I met him on a very lonely night, sitting alone in the corner of a bar. He was minding his own business, like men usually do, and I was trying to mind my own, except there was something, chemistry I think they call it, that just kept poking at me, telling me to go over and introduce myself.

I wondered how I’d say it and if I even had the courage to just walk up to him and let him know that I existed. It’s never usually this hard. I am after all I’m one of the few escorts with more than a handful of impeccable reviews from guys in London  and I know how to talk to men so I’m not quite certain what it was about him that was causing me to be so reserved, so scared, really. I stole glances at him, a few times I noticed him turn away, as though he’d been stealing glances at me too and wasn’t wanting to get caught. If only the other escorts from my agency were here, I know they would give me just the push I need, except they weren’t. I was here all on my own and it was time I worked up the courage to go over to him, the night isn’t that long and with all the things that I wanted to do to him, I needed as much time as possible.

There I was, about to take a sip of my drink and walk right over to him, when someone tapped me on the shoulder. When I turned to look, there were his eyes, his beautiful gray eyes staring back at me and my heart melted instantaneously. He reached out his hand and I took it, as a lady does. I followed him to the cozy spot where I’d been admiring him from and we talked for a few minutes. My courage came back and the next things I know, I had my hand deep in his pants gripping and stroking his long, hard ‘pleaser’. Needless to say, minutes later we quickly made it back to my London apartment where I was able to thoroughly enjoy what he was no longer hiding away in his pants. It tasted so great and felt even better and the entire night, he ensured that I had enough and that I was never wanting for more. He gave it to me good, all night long.

About the author:
A freelancer for an escorts agency London girl Daria likes to write erotic blog

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