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06 July 2014

Parties in the leafy London suburbs

by Administrator on 06 July 2014, under London Escorts

Like most of the escorts I hang out with there’s nothing that I love more than a good party especially the ones in the leafy London suburbs which turn into an orgy. Lots of drinks, lots of friends, and lots of potential for me to appease my appetite for an explosive orgasm. The nig more

06 July 2014

London guys always paint my face

by Administrator on 06 July 2014, under London Escorts

I love living in London because there are so many girls here like me. They’re crazy, they love an adventure, and they never hesitate to join me for some great sex, no matter what time it is. I work part time as an escort, and so I can pretty much get my fill whenever I […] more

06 July 2014

Why my life as an escort is so addictive

by Administrator on 06 July 2014, under London Escorts

I happen to have the most jealous girlfriend in the world. ‘Never fall in love with an escort’, is what her friends told her. However, the minute we met, she couldn’t help herself and neither could I. She always wanted reassurance that her heart wasn’t in danger a more

06 July 2014

Escorts who crave love

by Administrator on 06 July 2014, under London Escorts

Though there’s nothing better than a real life cock, that swells up when I work my magic, my dildo is a great substitute. When I’m all alone at home in my London apartment on a Sunday morning with no bookings from the escorts agency, and my need for sex won’t allow for more

06 July 2014

This is what I’m great at

by Administrator on 06 July 2014, under London Escorts

I’m the shy girl, the girl next door if you will. However, when I’ve got a strong, hard cock in front of me, all my shyness slips away and I’m completely captivated. Many of my friends asked why I became an escort. They just couldn’t understand it. Most of them th more

06 July 2014

The hottest escorts out on the pull

by Administrator on 06 July 2014, under London Escorts

A London bar isn’t only a man’s paradise. It’s also an escorts paradise. They have it skewed if they think that men go there to pick up girls because it’s definitely the other way around. I know this for a fact, because I’m one woman who heads out to only th more

23 June 2014

NSA hook up in a London off license

by Administrator on 23 June 2014, under London Escorts

After my break up with a boyfriend who wanted me to leave the escorts business and relocate outside of London I was feeling more down than I had ever felt in my entire life. And like most girls, a bottle of wine became my best friend. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I [&hel more

21 June 2014

London guys who can’t resist the taste of Nadia

by Administrator on 21 June 2014, under London Escorts

I love to get naughty, dirty and wild! They don’t call me nympho escort Nadia for nothing. I am not sure when it was that I began getting into the idea of a man worshiping my every move but the mere thought of it gets my pussy so wet that I can hardly restrain myself. […] more

13 June 2014

So juicy, and so yummy

by Administrator on 13 June 2014, under London Escorts

I was in the shower, enjoying the nice, steamy, hot water pouring down on me. I was too distracted by how great it felt to be away from the hustle and bustle of being an escort in London and inside my warm shower, to realize that the door had been pushed open. My heart skipped […] more

11 June 2014

Escorts don’t get better than you

by Administrator on 11 June 2014, under London Escorts

He’s the kind of London guy you can pretty much always find wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Relaxed, calm and comfortable are the two words I’d use to describe him. After a hard week at my escorts agency I can’t begin to explain how great it is to spend time with more

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