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‘Now’, I yelled at him. ‘Take it off now.’ I’m a professional escort and his best friend and so when Gerard returned to London after being away for two years working in Dubai he called to ask me to help with his shyness, there was no saying ‘no’. There he was perched on the corner of my bed, looking at me with those shy, innocent eyes. ‘You heard me,’ I commanded him, ‘Take it off’. He looked down at his zipper, fondling with it, then slowly pried it open. He wanted to learn to fuck, he wanted to learn how to take charge and I was here to teach him. I’ve wondered all along what it was he was hiding in his pants, why it was he was always so hesitant to take it out. After all, he’s friends with me and many other escorts, and all our friends are confident. They’re the kinds of people who would take their clothes off in a second, just because the sun came out. But Gerard, he wouldn’t. He’d rather keep his bottoms on when everyone else was going skinny dipping. What was he hiding?

‘Don’t laugh,’ he said as he raised himself from my bed and pulled his trousers and boxers down. I was shocked. I was deeply and truly shocked. This wasn’t a laughing matter. There was nothing funny about it, I’ve been an escort for nearly two years in London and I’ve seen lots of cocks in my time but this was something else. ‘It’s…” I couldn’t say it. I stared and stared, trying to figure out just the right words to explain this thing that my shocked eyes would just not pull themselves away from. ‘Massive,’ I blurted out. Gerard was hiding the most massive, the most suckable, fuckable, pleasable cock one could ever imagine. Why wouldn’t he share it with everyone else? Was he afraid that all the guys in the group would be jealous. ‘Stop it’, he replied shyly. He didn’t know it. He honestly didn’t know just how big he was, and he wasn’t even hard. I just had to find out. Was he a grower, or just a shower? And to my surprise, he was both. Two seconds in my mouth and he had more than filled it all up. Upon realizing this, his confidence kicked in, and there was nothing holding him back. He pulled my head into him, shoving his thick cock down my throat. It was so attractive, the way he switched all of a sudden. Once my pussy had gotten a taste of him, all other plans I had that evening fell through. There was nothing that could happen in London that night that would make me give up getting pounded by Gerard way into the night.

About the author:
Before starting her career as a London escort, Katy was a freelance fitness instructor.

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