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I knew this would happen. I was booked by a Russian gentleman in need of a special blonde escort and who probably knew Josh. Not that we were not together, I was keeping everything as separate as I could.

I had received a call from Vlad. It was friendly, but I knew what he was up to. I told him so in fact. He laughed and thought I had very suspicious mind. I could not sleep with his Russian friend at any time in the next two weeks. In fact, I would be in New York for a long weekend, so there would be no overlap in terms of the timescales.

I did relent though. This was a young son of one of the oligarchs. The family wanted to keep him out of trouble whilst he was staying in London escorts also make great babysitters. They and wanted him to be with me for an overnight stay whilst there was an event planned but he wasn’t allowed to attend because of his age. At twenty, he was too young, he needed to be twenty-one.

The thought of a youthful, lithe body seemed attractive and I could cope with a nine hour stay after all. Hopefully, he would be pleasant.


I opened the door to the minder, who then looked at me, nodded, and ushered in the young man, who wore a hooded sweatshirt. All I could see were piercing blue eyes and shapely cheekbones. He muted a brief ‘hello’ but did not look at me in any depth.

I ushered him past me. It was five to nine, he was early, but he would be picked up at six in the morning. It was early enough for no-one in the vicinity to see him. They were seven-thirty am leavers.

Once in the lounge, he turned and took down his hooded top. I smiled. He looked very pleasant, slim and with a slight sporty-feel to his physique.

“Did you order food, Elena?” I nodded and confirmed his order from the notepad. “It will be here in about twenty minutes. How do you know Vlad?” Milo smiled. “He is a friend of my uncle. He likes you. I mean he really likes you. So, I guess I’ll be sleeping in the spare room.”

He looked up at my coyly and checked out my silky blonde hair, firm breasts and toned escorts body before leaning back against the chair.


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