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A fabulous London apartment and sexy seduction

There are many things that I enjoy about being one of the lucky escorts who get to entertain some of the most powerful men in London. Of course, getting wonderful, expensive gifts and being able to visit many different locations throughout the year are exceptionally great. But another thing that I really enjoy about my job is being able to meet people from all walks of life.

Many of my clients are London based business men who are regular visitors to escorts but, most times this is about the only thing they have in common well, outside of the fact that the highlight of their week is spending time with me. Finding out about these men their likes, dislikes, their deep dark secrets as well as the things that keep their interest, is one of my favorite things to do. They are all so different, and it’s always nice to be able to switch things up and accept the many different challenges that they present to me in the bedroom.

One time, I showed up at the fabulous London apartment of one of my favorite clients, and to my surprise, he bought me a sparkling new toy. Though I’m not typically the commitment kind of gal, this kind of commitment, the one that he got customized for me, and just me is one that I wholeheartedly accepted and craved to put to use. A nice, shiny, smooth pole, with my name elegantly engraved on the surface, smack in the middle, of his living room. Needless to say, that night, he experienced a side of me and saw me from angles that he never had before. He sat back and watched the show, and salivated as my double D’s stared back at him. And when he couldn’t bear to be teased by my sexy seduction anymore, he wrapped his firm, strong hands around my tiny waist, tossed me on the bed and had his way with me.

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