Amorous and Passionate MMF Threesome

At the first touch of Milo, I realised I might lose control very quickly which is something that professional escorts in London are not supposed to do. He was so gentle, but focussed. As Milo attended to my needs, I watched Grigor grunting on his chair. He looked handsome, self-assured and enjoying looking at the young, naked bodies of both myself and Milo. I knew he was thinking about getting involved, but I wasn’t sure how yet.

I could imagine the last time we’d been together and he’d done special things to me. I remembered that final rotation which had made me explode internally. I’d held him so tight; he couldn’t pull out for a whole minute. My orgasm came quickly and Milo matched my bucking with his tongue rubbing me fast, until I asked him to stop and to enter me quickly.

He fixed me with a look which told me he needed to release too. I was sure he’d feel good after devouring one of the best escorts money could buy in London, he moaned slightly. “I need to do this fast, okay?”

I smiled and readied myself, and as he did the first couple of thrusts, I closed my eyes and started to enjoy it. He was amorous and passionate, twisting and turning. Then I felt a hand on my breast and another weight on the bed.

Grigor positioned himself and pushed into Milo. I moaned, as did Milo, who was now getting double the pleasure. I’d only experienced this situation a few times before, with the male telling me how easy it was to black-out after such extreme pleasure. I wanted to see how Milo responded. Could he take it?

Perspiration fell from his nose and chin and I could feel him close to climax now. The sexiness of him being taken up the ass and feeling that point of no-return got my juices flowing, and he looked at me as he realised what was happening. I pushed back against him, letting my orgasm flow and ebb. Then Grigor came too. Milo pushed a few more times and reached orgasm. The naughtiness of it all felt good. We all lay in an exhausted heap on the bed, and Milo was the first to speak. “I think that might have been my first orgy with an escort and my boss!” We all laughed at that.

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