London ladies are nice but escorts are more fun

If there is anything that I know how to do well, it’s how to drive the men in London wild. With a body like mine, it’s hard for guys who enjoy escorts to hold themselves back when they see me. Though naturally blessed with the body that I have, I ensure that I put in the necessary work to keep me looking at my best at all times. Though many choose to go to the gym to get in their exercise, my routine involves a lot more fun, a lot more experimentation and a lot more sweat.

Being the preferred lady of the evening for many gentlemen, I know just the way to keep a man wanting more and keep them ready for me at all times. I’ve got lots of energy which is the first thing required for an intense workout. Because of this, I never fall short on wholly satisfying my clients. When they’re with me, they are guaranteed to have a girl who works her hardest at all times to give them the pleasure they came searching for. I’ve got this one client in particular who knows just how to help me get a good workout in. His name’s Derrick and he’s a mechanic from London. I met him a few months ago when he came searching for love after a terrible break up with his ex-girlfriend. What he got from me was a lot more and it’s something that he keeps coming back for.

Though on the surface, Derrick doesn’t seem like the typical energizer bunny, one would be surprised at the muscles he packs. In fact, I was extremely surprised at what I saw when he removed his shirt and let’s not even get into how my jaw dropped once his pants came off. Our first time together, it seemed as though Derrick had a lot of anger to release and the way in which he intended on releasing it was just the way that I like it. We worked each other out for hours that day and both had a good laugh at how we managed to drench the sheets. The next day, I got a call from Derrick again. I thought maybe he had left something in my apartment but I was wrong. He was up for another round and wanted to set up a date. I readily accepted and we repeated our actions of the previous night and to my surprise, he had just as much energy and passion as before.

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