One off London Clients

I visited my West London spa for a well-deserved treat as an escort in London it’s all go. I’d worked six days out of seven and had only managed one gym visit, but it was my spirit which needed rejuvenating. After a ten minute walk from the tube station, I headed inside. My schedule included a pedicure, a back massage and a deep-cleansing facial.

Three hours of pampering and no calls was what I really needed. My mind turned to the recent discussions with Sasha.

Sasha, in particular, as my ex-Madam, was curious about my current client base, now I’d left her. She knew I didn’t work with the Russian clientele, or Japanese, unless they were booked directly through her business. I had found myself wondering if they had gone elsewhere, so when we’d last talked, I was quick to inform her that I had my regulars, plus the one-off client with her, and that I only worked a couple of days per week on my escort business.

I relaxed and felt the cool fingertips of Amelia starting to cleanse my face. I like the Elemis range as it smelt great and didn’t clog up my pores. As I relaxed even further, I made a note to buy one of the cleansers before I left. As she worked, she asked me if I still designed curtains, cushions and blinds. I nodded and she would have a word with me before we finished.

The face mask was warm and as it dried, I could feel my face tingling as the goodness worked wonders for my skin. After the warm flannels cleansed my face, I felt great. The light serum she applied was useful living in London, as it prevented pollution from entering my skin.

After the back massage and pedicure, I was allowed to rest in the spa lounge, with a cup of herbal tea, a magazine, and soft music coming from hidden speakers in the walls. There was one other lady, but she was lying back, with ear plugs in and I guessed she had no idea I was even there.

Amelia asked me for a business card, as one of her clients was interested in talking to me about a piece of work. I had made funky blinds for her children’s bedroom, along with a fun wall-hanging.

I checked to find I only had five left, but noticed I still had a small batch of postcards in my bag. “Let me take those, and I’ll put them onto one of our stands.”

I smiled as I bought a bottle of the cleanser. “Would it be okay if I left a few more the next time I’m here?” She told me to bring in as many as I wanted, and they would stock up, as and when.


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