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Reserved men can be naughty too

It was the peak of summer and London was hotter than ever. Not being able to sleep due to the heat, I decided to make my way to the pool. Upon noticing that I was the only one there, I thought that skinny dipping would be a great idea. I slipped out of my bikini and into the cool water. I found just the relaxation I was looking for as I looked up at the stars and enjoyed each moment that I spent in the water. However, it wasn’t before long that the silence that had earlier filled the air was disrupted. Toward me walked my neighbor, a handsome man in his mid thirties. For a moment, I contemplated reaching for my towel and hiding the parts of my body that drove just about every man wild.

‘Hi,’ he said, slipping into his swimwear. ‘Do you mind if I join you?’
‘Absolutely not,’ I smiled.
Though I was enjoying the time alone in the pool, company wasn’t something that I was opposed to. My neighbor, Devon, entered the water and settled down beside me. I could tell that he was trying hard not to stare, but every once in a while, his eyes would make their way to my ample breasts. This made me chuckle and fill with the need for something more, all at the same time.
‘You can touch them, if you’d like,’ I whispered into his ear.
He looked at me in disbelief as though he wasn’t sure of what he heard.
‘Huh?’ he replied, astonished.
‘You heard me.’
Slowly, Devon caressed my body. His eyes rolled back with each touch and I just knew that he wanted me just as much as I wanted him. One thing led to another and Devon and I found ourselves entangled in each other. I didn’t, for a moment, think that he was the kind of guy who would do those kind of things in the open. Always dressed in a suit and looking completely reserved, he hid his wild side well. But that night, I learned things about Devon that I didn’t know before. I learned that even the most reserved men can be naughty too.

That night wasn’t the only time that I was able to discover Devon’s body. After learning that I was an escort he’d contacted my agency and beckoned me to his home multiple times in that week. Each time, I was rewarded with a high level of satisfaction.

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