Feeling his animal magnetism

I walked quickly in the cold, night air. Frost glistened on the top of parked cars, and my breath became steam as I hurried along. I didn’t mind winter provided the London escort agencies I’m signed up with kept me busy. The nights became longer, and clients wanted to spend much of the darkness with company. For those who were single, like my next client, the company wasn’t just about the sex, although it featured heavily.

Richard’s divorce had been granted, so as I entered the restaurant, I saw him waiting at the bar, and looking every inch like the rich business magnate he was, but also with a victorious smile on his face.

“I’ve bought a new apartment, with a view of the London eye, and the river. It really is fabulous. We’ll head there after dinner.”

Richard’s eyes were firmly fixed on my cleavage. We ordered, and I was curious about his new apartment. “Tell me about your place. What’s it like?” He obviously saw this as his bachelor pad, from the description of his music equipment, and all of the technological gadgets he’d had installed.

His fingers played with mine, gently and carefully, and I recalled our last passionate session. Richard closed his fingers over mine. “Are you thinking about the last time we were together?” I nodded, faced his direct gaze and flushed at the vivid memory of shouting out his name during climax not all agency escorts let themselves go like I do.

I was already feeling his animal magnetism, but I could still vision his carefully coiffured head between my legs. He’d made me climax, time and time again.

“Let’s miss the dessert and get back to mine. You’ll love the view from the balcony,” he whispered.

We walked back; it wasn’t far. The penthouse apartment had an exclusive entrance from the lift. It was nicely and expensively furnished, and included a few ethnic pieces from his travels. The view over London was fantastic; this was a prime position in which to live.

What was it with the November outdoors? As I held onto the balcony rail, Richard entered me from behind, holding my cheeks apart and thrusting with short, fast movements. If anyone could see, they’d be under no illusion we were a copulating couple, albeit fully-dressed. As he came, he put his arms around me and held me tight.



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