Slowly Until My Breasts Popped Out

London Fashion Week was coming up soon. My diary was full to the brim with appointments of all kinds – from VIP events, to cocktail parties, and half a dozen new clients were thrown into the mix.

I was busy now. From the first week of September up until the third week in December, clients seemed to have more free time for fun with London escorts. I planned to make the most of this.

I scanned through my appointments for this afternoon. I had three in four hours; a tight schedule and no over—running on the time slots. Tow clients I knew well, so it would be straightforward, as they were ‘on lunch breaks’, but the first was a new client, Declan.

The hotel was quiet and my room was at the back. Id used this a few times now, and managed to get a good rate as I knew the manager.

I fixed my dress, slid out of my heels and texted the room number to Declan who was only five minutes away on foot.

The knock was loud and authoritative. I slipped into my high-heeled sandals again, opened the door and found Declan smiling. “Thanks for the text. I was worried about where to head when I arrived.” I had given him instructions, so gathered he might not have read them.

Tall, dark, brooding and well-bred, but without the handsome. He was too rugged-looking to be called that. He wanted a tea after his walk. “No alcohol for me, thanks.” I tried to be the London hostess. He then started his patter. “You look very sexy. I like the dress.” It was a body con dress, designed to show off an escorts every curve and my nipped-in waist. I thanked him as I passed him the tea. “I assume you can undress for me whilst I’m drinking,” Declan mused, with his head slightly cocked.

I bent over as I undid the buckles of my sandals, foot propped of the edge of the bed. He was looking at my bottom; imagining what it looked like bare and in his hands. The dress had a front zip so I turned and faced him, unzipping slowly until my breasts popped out. He almost gulped his tea and I saw the look on his face. I slid the dress down and briefly brushed my mound through the lacy knickers. Every move did not go unmissed, and he put the cup down and sat back.

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