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What to wear next season – Upcoming Trends 2017

The fashion shows of the spring/summer 2017 collections has been a little messy and grotesque so far for escorts in London who follow the fashion scene. Let me tell you why just in case you haven’t been following the events. Political problems and politically heated situations have not really ignored neither London, nor New York. The elections in the United States of America and the Brexit in London didn’t spare the designers in the two fashion capitals. Milan fashion week as usual has been quite chaotic and spectacular, on the other hand Paris brought us more and more unexpected, a bit confusing solutions, such as kitten heels and retro pieces from the 1980s.

Apart from all these there were quite a few very interesting, eye-catching design pieces and a worthy lineup. Let me share some of the best trends and fashion tips with you and list a couple of amazing designs. To be more precise, four of the most outstanding fashion and style compositions from the four fashion weeks.

Bralettes, bralettes everywhere! They were ruling the runway! A new trend might be right in front of us, Miuccia Prada styled them in a quite strange, but interesting way, she put one on top of a buttoned shirt. Alexander McQueen opted for a leather one and Victoria Beckham literally used them in every outfit, with every possible fashion piece.

Aware! New color trend on the way! Fuchsia was clearly dominant in Paris. Pink will be the trendies color in spring/summer 2017, no doubt about that lots of the escorts in London are already investing pink pieces for spring summer. From girly chic, quite natural Hermés to sexy Balenciaga spandex sets, we could see a wide range of bright pink designs. To summarize: eye-catching, cool, youthful and extremely brave pieces.

Oh my God! Tell me when did we get back to kitten heels? Me and my escort girlfriend in London might have missed out on this. These haven’t been in vogue for about ten years or more. I don’t know about you, but I am a bit skeptical about these types, I rather prefer high-heels. I am not denying the fact that I love the Dior RTW SS 2017 Slingback Kitten Heels though, but absolutely would not tell the same about the Prada ones which were bordering on the ugly.

Tulle is eternal! Nothing proves this more than the spring/summer 2017 fashion weeks. Next spring will be all about that tulle, from Molly Goddard to Dior and Dries Van Noten (and so many more) presented a great array of tulle designs. Navy blue and pink were among the most popular colors here again, floral patterns also appeared as an upgrade to this super-feminine fashion piece.

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