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His favourite London beau Tatiana

A man fit for the pages of a magazine and one of hottest London escorts who would add sparks to any billboard, Jonas and I were smoke to a fire and lighting to thunder. His rock hard body complemented by his rock hard secret is something that would have any escort drooling at the sight of it. And if they were allowed to get a taste of it, they’d melt, and they’d want and lust for no other.

On just about the darkest night in London, Jonas gave me a call. He needed his weekly fix of escort fun and there was no other place he’d turn, than to his favourite beau, Tatiana. ‘Did you miss me yet,’ he asked. ‘Just a huge part of you,’ I replied. The truth is, the moment that Jonas and I left each other’s company, a week ago, was the moment that I craved his touch. Hurriedly, I slipped into my sexiest underwear, leaving my bra behind. Upon my arrival, Jonas had something else in store. We weren’t going to be making loud, loud noises and sweet, sweet experiences in his apartment. No! In the elevator we went, and before it hit the bottom, his hands made their way to a part of me that was more welcoming than ever. Yes, in the elevator where any moment, a button could push, and the doors could slide open. But who was I to complain, the risk was one I was willing to take. The risk was what made my times with Jonas as memorable as they were. Many of my girlfriends in London say us escorts are vein but, I couldn’t help myself watching myself in the mirror, as my body bounced to the rhythm of his pleasure. It was hard to keep my eyes open with all the pleasure weighing down on me, but I had to do it. There’s nothing like seeing your image look back at you as you’re taken to unfathomable heights.

Ding! There it was. Someone had called the elevator and up we went. This didn’t concern Jonas. Neither did it concern him when a sweet, tall sexy London  born and bred beauty stood in shock, finding it hard to pry her eyes away from us. ‘Care to join us?, Jonas asked. She wouldn’t, would she? To my surprise, she did. Each and every part of her body cared to join us. That night, the three of us turned the elevator into our playground, and transformed the night into one that would never be forgotten.

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