The thought of entering me

A delayed tube train never helps escort girls London can be such a bore especially when, you are running to an extremely tight schedule. I needed to be in Brussels and my client needed me to be present after an important conference. He lectured in London and Brussels, but I wasn’t used to meeting him there, only in London. The Eurostar wouldn’t wait, but I managed to board just in time. I flung myself into my seat, feeling flustered, and thought about the last time I’d had sex with him.

Intelligence and an open mind work wonders in the bedroom. I remembered how he had uncovered me centimetre by centimetre, with kisses exploring each part of my skin.

I could feel myself moisten at the thought of his mouth kissing me lightly down there, creating a charge of electricity deep inside. I looked up and noticed the businessman opposite was looking at me. I wondered if he had guessed what I had been thinking about. Did he know I was an escort girl, based in wealthy part of West London? Did he know I had thought about a man’s mouth on my pussy, teasing me to open my legs further? Was he erect down there right now?

These were questions I would never know the answer to would I?

I smiled coyly and picked up my book. The next time I glanced at the businessman, he was looking at my breasts through the fine Mohair sweater I was wearing. I could imagine his mouth on my skin, teasing my nipples erect, and panting at the thought of entering me.

As I imagined naughty thoughts, my nipples became erect. I returned to my page, hiding my face. Let him look at me and imagine himself doing all sorts of sexy things to me. He was handsome; probably Belgian or French, but certainly not English.

The next time I looked, it was the noise of the trolley as light refreshments were served. He smiled and asked me in Oxford English if my trip was for leisure or business. He was British after all; there was absolutely no trace of a foreign accent.

The coffee was poured and I picked out a sandwich and cake. I made sure he could see my fake engagement ring, which I used to put guys off the scent. I knew he was going to make a move, so I just explained I was there to see a friend, who was at a conference. I said nothing more until I left and I dropped a card onto the table, ensuring no-one else could see what I’d just done. It had my fake name and escort work mobile number on it. He turned and watched my firm bottom walking past, inches away from him, and blew a kiss at it. I wondered if he would contact me?


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