Each passionate Kiss

He kissed my lips ever so tenderly as he gazed into my eyes with desperation. I had loved this man forever and finally, here he was, giving me his all, making me his and allowing himself to be mine. However, the both of us knew that there were some levels that we would not be able to cross. At least not yet. You see, Chester was going through a pretty rough patch in his life. Recently divorced, he didn’t want to jump into a relationship too quickly and thus, he had tried his hardest to stay away from me as much as possible because he feared that with just one look, he’d want to make himself mine forever.

So when I received his phone call, I was both astonished and overjoyed at the same time. It had been quite a while since I had heard from him and to be honest, the last thing that I expected that day was to hear his voice. A part of me wanted to tell him no, to tell him that I needed to respect his wishes and that he needed this time to himself. However, a stronger part of me wanted to be with him, to be entangled in him and this part of me didn’t allow me to say no to his visit.

There I was, in his arms, protected, loved and all his. His eyes were so wanting and his lips tasted so sweet that I just couldn’t help what happened next. With each kiss he placed, my want for him grew greater and greater and I couldn’t help but to kiss back more forcefully, more passionately. Seconds later, he’d flipped me onto the bed in my London apartment and hovered over me for a few minutes, confessing just how much he needed me. This was all I needed to rip through each button of his dress shirt and pull him even closer into me. More passionate kisses turned into a long night of love making, one that I am extremely confident neither of us will ever forget. That was truly the most perfect night that I’ve ever had and I can’t wait for the next time that Chester asks for my company. I know that it won’t be too long. After all, I’m not only his escort, I’m the lady of his dreams- I always have been and I always will be.

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