I Slowly Licked Up and Down

I like verbal repartee. Rachel, my good friend, and I, banter all of the time. We laugh at how quick we are to retort to each other. However, most of my clients do not know about that side of me. Roland was different; even when he was jet-lagged, he liked a brief verbal sparring session, but he certainly wasn’t expecting one of my moves! I asked Roland if he wanted anything specific as part of the evening and all he replied in his seductive American drawl was, “Surprise me!”

That made me smile. “Okay, then.” I flipped a finger up his ass, and he jumped. I wasn’t going to withdraw it either. I felt around until my finger was in position and continued to talk. “The thing is, Roland, the British escorts especially the girls in London are fairly literal. Yes, I said literal, not clitoral. If you say you want something we usually abide. It is all part of customer service excellence!”

Roland tried not to smile at that comment and relaxed as I kissed his free hand, whilst his other had moved to his balls where he cupped them lightly and started to stroke them with his thumb.

I laughed as his eyes glazed over and my finger worked his prostrate perfectly. I moved my face down to his manhood, which was now erect, and slowly licked up and down and around the stiffened tip. I did this a few times, until he trembled.

“Can I come like this?” Roland asked, and I nodded, and let my mouth work him slowly whilst he continued to touch himself intimately. I moved my leg so as his head turned slightly, he could view my wet pussy, which still had the clit stimulator buzzing away. I knew he liked to watch his escorts get pleasure too.

I wasn’t too far from my second orgasm, but knew from Roland’s face, he would beat me to it. His climax was a deep shudder, followed by gentle spurts, and then a deep guttural groan, which seemed to reverberate around the bedroom. Mine was a shudder too, followed by my knees trembling uncontrollably as the buzzer continued its clitoral assault. I leant into Roland’s hip and felt my breath heat up the hollow there. Not a bad outcome for someone who had just had a twelve hour flight from the US, and mine was more than satisfactory too.

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