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Pollyana catches a London hunk

There’s this coffee shop in London that I started to frequent recently. My friends at my escorts agency all told me that I was wishing for a fairytale, but I knew that what I was doing, was being done with purpose, I knew that I would, eventually, get just what I was looking for.

The reason behind my daily trips to the coffee shop, which was way too far from my home for comfort, is that I’d seen a guy there, a guy I just had to have. I’m not the kind of girl who obsesses over someone, at least, not until I’d met this stranger who I was adamant to get to know. He was obsession worthy and I was willing to sit in that coffee shop, every day for the next year, if it meant that I could, at least for one night, make him mine. Lo and behold, in he walked and my heart fluttered as I saw that strange but familiar face. Newspaper in hand, jeans and a button up, he was perfect, absolutely perfect.

He wasn’t one of these London guys who tried too hard, and hell, he didn’t have to because he was already everything he needed to be and more. He sat beside me, as that was the only open seat left in shop and I knew that the stars were working in my favour. ‘Oh, sorry, do you mind?’ He said, after he had already taken a seat. ‘Absolutely not,’ I replied. He opened his newspaper and started to take it all in. His eyes moved from one line to the next and he looked so focus. I had to retrieve my escort powers to get his attention and so I crossed my legs, bringing my right leg closer to him and moved my feet up and down his leg. I could tell at first that he though I’d done it by accident, but the fact that I kept going, assured him that I knew just what I was doing. I looked behind me to ensure that no one was looking at us and slipped my hand into his lap to get a feel of what he was working with, and I just can’t explain how impressed I was. He stiffened as I ran my hands over his lap, gripping the things that in a matter of time would be in me. ‘Wanna get out of here?’ I asked. ‘You took the words right out of my mouth,’ he answered. Not before long, we were back at my apartment, fucking away that brilliant Saturday afternoon.

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