Busty beauties like Paola know how to ruffled the sheets

London is such a beautiful city, and that’s why so many escorts love being here, not only in the day, but especially at night time. This beauty isn’t only held by the buildings and the lights; this beauty can be found in the culture and the people that walk the streets on a day to day basis. There are so many faces to observe, so much potential in each man and woman that meets my eye and there are many times where I have no control over myself and I’ve just got to go after what I want.

Many people believe that an escort especially busty girls like me are never the one seeking romance but instead, that escorts are the ones that are always sought after. In my case, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’ve got exceptional clients, so don’t get me wrong, but sometimes, while I’m out, I spot someone that I just must get a taste of.

This happened not too long ago, while I was out with a busty girlfriend of mine who works for another escort agency “who I won’t mention”. We had decided to take the night off and have some girl time. For this, we headed to a bar, not too far from our west London apartment. While sitting and waiting, she spotted a guy from across the room. There was no way for me to not notice that someone had completely stolen her attention. Her eyes, her mind, they were all somewhere else. After about ten minutes of noticing that it was hard to bring her back to reality, I looked around to see just what was so amazing about this guy that she couldn’t pull her eyes away from. When I looked over, I soon realized that this night would quickly transform from a girls night into something completely different but absolutely welcomed.

“Why don’t we go say hi,” I said to my friend. Not wanting to seem as though she was all for abandoning our plans for a guy, she protested. I smiled, informing her that I noticed that she couldn’t keep him out of her line of vision. She chuckled and agreed that we should go over and say hello.

He seemed amazed at the fact that two gorgeous busty ladies had such a wonderful proposition for him. However, it was an offer he couldn’t decline. That night, after just a few more drinks, we headed back to my apartment and the three of us ruffled the sheets and made the bed an absolute mess, all night long.

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