Out of breath and filled with pleasure

Passion is something that everyone and not only escorts need to have in their relationships in order for them to survive. Drew and I are definitely a London couple whose relationship is filled to the brim with passion. There’s never a dull moment when he’s around. He loves the fact that I’m an escort for a million and one reasons, especially due to the fact that in the bedroom he gets to experience passion filled romance with a twist of dirty.

Things typically start off slowly as we explore each other’s tongues, allowing the top halves of our bodies to get a rush in the beginning of what always turns out to be a passion explosion. I can almost feel it now, the way his tongue slithers over mine in the most amazing way, knowing just when to allow me to take control. The way he gently bites my bottom lip sends a rush through my entire body and makes me want to do the naughtiest things to him. When I’m introduced to this nibble, I can’t help but to sink my nails into his strong back, showing him just how aroused I am by his actions. That’s when he usually pulls me back and takes a deep look into my eyes, trying his best to determine just what to do with me next, just like so many escorts I like when my man takes control. His stares are some of the best things on earth and in such a passionate moment, they fill me with a multitude of emotions. Then, I usually move my face closer to his so that I can feel the quickening of his breath on my cheek, London and the entire world disappears with each breath he takes. His head will tilt back, giving me the space I need to take hold of his neck, licking and sucking away at it with everything I have in me. His body always stiffens when my tongue glides over his neck and then, it’s time for him to regain his control. With all his power, he’ll pick me up, boasting the strongest and most chiseled muscles. Tossed on the bed, I already know what to expect. I already know that I’m going to be left out of breath, filled with pleasure and not in need of anything more. Drew knows my body like the back of his hands and time and time again, he proves this to me in the most sensual ways. Our relationship is one that I’m wholly proud of having and one that I’ll cherish forever.

About the author:
New to the capital Destiny has found a career as an escort perfect for her London lifestyle

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