Sure She is Bisexual

I held Gustav’s hand as we walked through the lobby of his five star London hotel. His PA was waiting for him. From the expression on his face, this was unexpected. She walked up to him, fixed him with a look of annoyance and gave him an envelope. Gustav opened it, read the contents and ushered her upstairs with us. The atmosphere was frosty. Gustav asked me to shower and come back out. I’d already showered, but I figured he wanted to talk privately with her. He was the client so I headed to the bathroom.

I spent ten minutes in the bathroom and walked back into the room with a towel wrapped around me. The PA was still there and appeared uncomfortable.

I sat on the bed, and took the towel off to dry my feet properly. Gustav smiled at me, passed her a note and asked her to call ‘Simone’ from his phone whilst he poured out a whisky for himself. The conversation was in Slovakian, and I didn’t understand very much. I noticed her looking at my breasts and down between my legs. I had a leg raised so I could reach my knee. She could see everything and wasn’t about to avert her eyes.

I motioned to Gustav that the clock was ticking. “Do you want me to go? We can re-arrange if you are busy.” In my head I knew that he knew with a London escort this would not be classed as a cancellation sadly. I could not offer that.

Instead, Gustav shook his head, took off his shirt and stood bare-chested before his stuttering PA. She finished the call, handed him the phone and headed out, slamming the door behind her. I heard her angry footsteps striding down the corridor and shrugged. “What was all that about? She has a bit of an attitude.”

“I think she has a thing for me,” Gustav sighed. “It was better that she knew I was with you for the night. It will put her off the scent.”

As soon as he mentioned the word ‘scent’ he looked at the space between my legs. He dropped onto his knees, and started to explore between my legs. He looked up from his exploration and looked me in the eye. “I am sure she is bisexual too. Perhaps she took a fancy to you!”

I shuddered at the thought.

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