Watch Me Part My Legs

Living with Mike means that I’m economising on a few things, such as taking taxis for short distances during the day. Anything less than six tube stops means the Oyster card comes out and because I don’t have much free time to read at home, I have also invested in a Kindle for these short tube journeys. I’ve browsed around and have downloaded a few books onto it.

My client was only four tube stops away and he’d just checked into a hotel near Kensington Palace in West London escorts adore this part of town. As I sat down in a quiet section of the tube train, I took out my kindle and opened a book of short erotic stories. I had a fifteen minute slot to fill, and this would really get me into the mood. By the end of the second page I was routing for this girl to go and get laid by the bad boy. As the story became explicit, I could feel myself heating up and my cheeks reddened.

I thought about the girl and her sex acts as I headed into the hotel bedroom. Cliff was tall, elegant and divorced; with a clipped British accent, and usually based in Gibraltar where he headed up a division of a gaming company. Trips to London were infrequent; perhaps quarterly, but two hours with a top escort like me seemed to satiate him enough to be able to shower and go to his first of many client meetings.

He would be surprised to know that I needed to be screwed fairly quickly. The thought of being touched intimately had turned me on. Cliff took one look at me, asked if I wanted a glass of wine as he had a bottle chilling, and noticed I was already undressing.

The expensive, frilly underwear did not escape his attention, as he unhooked my bra, slowly slipped of my panties, giving me a light smack on my bottom, before he handed me the half-full glass of wine. It was expensive stuff and worthy of more than a quick glug, so I sat down naked on the bed as Cliff undressed and watched me part my legs and put a foot up onto the bed.

“Good, you’re ready for me.” Cliff’s voice was almost a low growl as he moved towards me. All I could vision was the girl in the story being seduced by the hot bad guy.

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