Escorts and Long Term Clients

As I head out onto the quiet cul-de-sac, there are hardly any signs of life. The neighbours to the only side of us look like young professionals occupation escorts in London “not”. The two flats opposite have older couples living there. Both have nodded to show they know of or existence. I have heard footsteps in the flat below but it looks like that person lives alone, and they are out at six each morning and back very late. No-one has popped round and Josh thinks it is quite odd. On my part, I feel a sense of relief. The one afternoon/two evenings per week I bring clients here for my escorting business feels discrete. I also have another two days for potential visits from my soft furnishings clients, if they want to see progress, or pick up their finished goods directly.

This morning, I walked down the road and noticed the White Range Rover sitting at the entrance of the cul-de-sac. The guy driving was on his mobile and given the ubiquitous yellow lines, he had his hazard lights on. It was Vlad and it was too late to turn round. He would know I lived in this quiet cul-de-sac now.

I waited as he smiled and hung up. “I’d heard you had moved out. I had no idea about it. Do you want a coffee?”

I hesitated, but noticed a traffic warden on the other side of the road, moving down the procession of stationary cars. “I guess so. Do you know where I live then?”

Vlad looked at me, with a hurt look. “No, it was a chance encounter, so to speak, but I’m guessing your place may be down that road. It’s good to see you anyway. ”

As he drove off, the light changed onto red and he looked at me. “You are looking well. Tell me; was the meeting with Robert okay?”

Vlad was referring to an encounter with an agoraphobic man who’d been in a bomb blast. “He was very sweet actually.” I said nothing else, but Vlad reached for his parking permit as we parked outside a coffee shop. I noted that he only lived another block away from here. I hadn’t realised.

As we sat drinking expressos Vlad told me he’d met Josh briefly. “Sasha was having a business meeting with him first. She introduced me as a client. After he’d gone, she told me you’d moved in together. He seems nice enough.”

I felt my cheeks flush and wondered what to say.

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