Agency life I love it

Finally back from vacation and boy have I missed the perks of escort life. I find it so strange that as soon as the weather changes I’m ready to escape the agency. However, I hate leaving London for too long There’s nowhere in the world that offers as much vibrancy and life. And even in the midst of what should have been a relaxing vacation, I found myself thinking about home.


I haven’t been living in the capital for too long- just over two years. But this is home. I’ve made so many wonderful friends and have clients who miss me so much when I’m away from my escorting duties. Yes, I’m finally back home and loving each and every minute of it, even if it is deathly cold. My first night back was spent catching up with friends from the agency. What was meant to be a short chit chat with a few drinks turned into a massive sleepover because the night came to an end before anyone was willing to head home.


That’s the life I live, it’s the escort way and that’s the life I love. Friends, fun and happiness.


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