Eating out in London

Josh looked at my dress and shoes and approved of them hey you’re the perfect London escort girl. “It’s such a pity you are going by yourself. I just can’t get the time off over Easter.” He did genuinely look disappointed he could not come to the Christening. He perked up, however, at the mention of an evening meal out. His personal favourite type of food was Italian. I guessed that there must be Italian blood in his family from his dark looks. I would ask him about it one day. So, on his free night out, we headed out in a cab and ended up further up in Knightsbridge, at a little place called ‘Signor Sassi’. I’ve seen the place lots of times, but have never ventured inside. Well, when you realise Harrods is almost on the doorstep, I’m bound to be lured away, with its multitude of expensive and delightful goodies.

The owner immediately came over to Josh and welcomed him warmly. I wondered how many girlfriends or escorts Josh had brought here, but I needed to let go of the twinges of jealousy. He might have even brought his female clients here, as part of his work in London, but then realised I was creating scenarios which probably did not exist. The owner Signor Sassi smiled and shook my hand warmly. He pointed to a dish and told me in a low voice it was his speciality. I thanked him and made a mental note to look at it after I’d decided on what starter, or ‘antipasti’, to have first.

After ordering a bottle of Prosecco to share, and a small bottle of still water, we perused the menus. I could see Josh watching me over his menu and I giggled at the twinkle in his eye. I knew that I loved Josh and my reaction was part of that. I was so unused to having a steady boyfriend, I was secretly terrified he’d cut free and let me go. I could not let him know I was that insecure though. Sometimes, doing escort work you were confident, and other times, insecurities bothered you, but never for too long.

I plumped for the ‘Tortellini in Brodo’, which was a stuffed pasta in a chicken broth, whilst Josh picked out ‘Mozzarella in Carroza’; chunks of mozzarella cheese in deep fried bread, with a garlic and anchovy sauce.

I picked Signor Sassi’s signature dish for the main course which was the Spaghetti Lobster which turned out to be a delicately-favoured fish dish, whilst Josh plumped, as usual, for a meat course. I wasn’t wrong there. He picked the ‘Cotoletta di Vitello’; a veal cutlet in a butter and sage sauce, with new potatoes.

We chatted as we ate, and I almost choked when he leant across the table and whispered that he knew what I was thinking. I just looked at him with flushed cheeks.


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