Five minutes from Lake Como

Milan was crisp and sunny exactly what London escorts need at this time of year. The frost and fog of Heathrow was in the distant past, and I headed off to work as a lingerie model; just one of my many talents. My chauffeur was there to meet myself and another girl who had flown in from Latvia. I smiled as she introduced herself as Ivana. It was the name of Vlad’s mother, but I’d never gotten to meet her.

Italian men stare at you without shame. I am under no illusion that my looks are crucial to the Italian market, but I had no idea that men would be so obvious. I really must be naïve.

There is no line to be drawn here. Modelling is modelling, and unlike escorting with minimal contact from the photographer and stylist. My outfits were ready and waiting, but I took my time to ensure I was ready. I had three sessions booked in today. The last photo shoot was with a guy called Mauro; a native Italian who had spent some time in London, so I was curious about how this would work out.

The hotel surroundings were fabulous, but there were a number of villas around the back. We were only five minutes from Lake Como, and the view looking down towards the blue of the water, with the sun shining over the juniper and poplar trees was amazing.

As I posed and pouted, I managed to obtain the gratitude of the photographer, who was called Antonio. We’d finished the outdoors photos and headed indoors, where I lay on the opulent, rounded leather bed, and a few more sultry shots were taken.

The next shoot was more interesting, as the lingerie range featured a layered look. I wore a baby doll nightie, full knickers and a negligee in one set of shots; full bra and knickers in the next, followed by stockings, suspenders and a frilly bodysuit in another.

Finally, Mauro arrived looking every inch the Elite agency model, he had previously worked with. As a Marlon Brando lookalike, coupled with my Brigitte Bardot look, the results were sensational. He looked broody and mean; to my sexy and sultry.

I feel so lucky to have an opportunity like this. I’d be in Central Milan by five, in order to meet Josh, but for now I needed to lie on a bed, with Marlon Brando and sizzle in front of the camera.


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